To give students who wish to continue their education at Pierce a fresh start from previous grades that are detrimental to their present and future educational endeavors.

A student who desires to apply for grade forgiveness needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Not have been enrolled in credit courses in the Pierce College District for a minimum of 12 consecutive quarters (stop-out period) prior to re-enrollment.
  • Be currently enrolled in the Pierce College district.
  • After the stop-out period, enrolled students must have completed two or more quarters and have earned a minimum of 24 credits.
  • Earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 for each quarter upon return.
  • Courses being petitioned CANNOT have been used towards a previously earned degree or certificate.
  • A student may petition for grade forgiveness one time only.

If the petition is approved, grades and credits for the designated quarter shall be forgiven. Students have an option to have the designated quarter only or the designated quarter and all previous quarters forgiven if so requested at the time of the original petition.

The original grade(s) and credit(s) will remain on the transcript. The forgiven grades will no longer be calculated into Pierce College's GPA.

All amendments to a student?s transcript shall be made by the Registrar's Office. If a petition is approved, an adjusted copy with an appropriate indicator of the forgiven grade(s) shall be sent to the student's address of record. Grades forgiven through this Pierce College policy may not be applicable to the transferability of courses to any other college or university.

The student will complete the petition and submit it to the Registration Office at each college or military site at McChord AFB and Fort Lewis. All petitions will be processed through the Office of the Registrar, Fort Steilacoom.


Approved 2005-01-12


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